Flag of Sweden

I wanted to defect

I wanted to defect when it was time to come home. I was not ready to go. I was not ready to go. We all cried. It was not something that we were ready to do.

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flag of South Africa

My school uniform was hideous!

Although, our uniform at my school was very ugly. It wasn’t like in the States where it’s usually khaki pants and white shirt or blue pants or something. All the girls always wore dresses. You couldn’t wear pants to school. But it was this salmon orange jumper with a beige short sleeve shirt and then […]

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National Flag of Belgium

Why assassinate a great leader like Kennedy?

    Therese and I had arguments about whether we should have a president or a king.  They did wonder why, in a country like America where we had free speech, we would assassinate a great leader like Kennedy.  That was a hard one to explain…   Related articles Majority of Americans favor diplomatic ties with Cuba How […]

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Egypt flag

Soldiers with Guns

  • Name: Peggy Keller
  • Destination: Cairo, Egypt
  • When: Year, 1982-83
  • Hometown: Kansas City, MO

    I went to Egypt only one year after Anwar Sadat was assassinated.  Security was very tight.  I remember walking down the steps from the plane to the tarmac and seeing soldiers with guns at the bottom!  On the drive to the pension where we spent our first night in country before meeting our […]

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Flag of Japan

Felt like a Celebrity

  • Name: Jackie Gray
  • Destination: San-chome, Hiroshima, Japan
  • When: Summer, 1986
  • Hometown: East Helena, Montana

    It was my first time really away from home.  It was exciting!  I was never the homesick type of kid.  I was eager.  I was willing to try everything once [although] I didn’t like everything I tried.  I embraced it all.  I tried to be respectful to customs.   They sent us to […]

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national flag of denmark

Our eyes were so red from crying…

    The last weekend was awful.  I was so sad, but I missed my family and friends at home.  I had the time of my life.  I was blessed to have those people, that family.  The match couldn’t have been more perfect.  An incredible bond.  At the airport all of our friends were there […]

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national flag of denmark

Mom, Dad: I’m leaving in three weeks…

  • Name: Russ Kathrein
  • Destination: Hojbjerg (Korup), Denmark
  • When: July 1978 - June 1979
  • Hometown: Cary, Illinois

  I wanted to get away from my parents.  I was the baby of the family and had three siblings 7-10 yrs older.  My parents were solid middle- to upper-class, my mother was a travel agent, and my dad owned his own business.  My mom handled Asia and Europe for years and they traveled extensively […]

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flag of Sweden

What? Eat in the Car?

  • Name: Shari Carver Belanger
  • Destination: Landskrona, Sweden
  • When: Summer, 1986
  • Hometown: Pittsford, NY

    When we got close to Stockholm, my family was talking so excited about the drive-thru McDonald’s.  It was a big deal to them and not a common part of their culture.  We pulled up and ordered at the window.  Then Papa pulled into a parking spot and we walked in and got the […]

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Brazil Flag

I cried all the way home

  • Name: Jan Beiting
  • Destination: São Jose dos Campos, Brazil
  • When: Year, 1988-89
  • Hometown: Wellston, OH

      My 3rd family had a huge party for me the night before I left.  I stayed up all night packing.  I had kept putting it off.  I didn’t pack anything until the night before I left.  Friends came over and stayed up all night with me.  I didn’t sleep at all. I […]

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