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Hazing initiation Icelandic style

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I went to what was considered a community college equivalent, for 16-20 year olds.  I was in the freshman class, and they do freshman initiation, so we were hazed.  It was all very interesting — I never had been through anything like that since.

First of all, we were given a slave owner and we were their slaves.  That’s actually what they called us.  We had to do anything they told us for the whole week!  They frizzed out my hair with, like, six cans of hairspray, and I was not allowed to wash it for the whole week.  I had to wear really, really tight pants and I couldn’t wear socks.

Then on the last day of the hazing, they painted all of our faces, took us out on a sheep herding cattle car, and paraded us through town, threw water balloons at us, and we had to line up and do all these silly games in the middle of town.  And then they ended it with this big bonfire where most everyone got drunk, and we were initiated into the school!