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Inshallah, we will do it!


“Tomorrow,” Baba [would] say, “tomorrow we go to picnic on the Barada River.”

So the next day I would get up and I’d be all excited about the picnic, and the day would go on and there would be no picnic and no preparation.  Finally I’d say, What about the picnic?

I was told “some day, some day, we’ll do it.”  Their way of doing things was they would talk as if it were going to happen but it was just a wish, but they [would] want to do this or plan this for you.

As Americans we think schedule in a linear way, but they just put it out there into the atmosphere.  “Inshallah,” which means God willing, “we will do it.”

So I just never knew exactly what we would do next.  It used to vex me until I realized that it was just their culture.


Barada river near Damascus Citadel.

Barada river near Damascus Citadel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)