Hungarian Music Scene

  • Name: Rachel Stanford
  • Destination: Budapest, Hungary
  • When: Year, 1992-1993
  • Hometown:
  • Organization: AFS

American musicals like Grease and Hair were very popular and were played a lot in bars and clubs, along with the Doors, the Beatles…etc.  There was a divide in the youth culture — there were the people that listened to the Doors and the people who listed to Madonna.  I was in with the Doors crowd.

We also liked a local band called Kis Pal and went to concerts.  There was also a band called $Texas we went to see — a Hungarian jazz band had traveled to Texas and were inspired by the place.

Everyone there seemed to play an instrument.  Whenever we would get together with our friends, someone would have a guitar and we would all sing together.  Sometimes we went around singing to people at their houses — not at Christmas, we would just do it for fun on a Thursday night!

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