Flag of Jordan

Oh my gosh! I’m going to live in a tent

  • Name: Tina Szigetvari
  • Destination: Na'ur, Jordan
  • When: Summer, 1984
  • Hometown: Costa Mesa, California
  • Organization:

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The trip there was very nervewracking because it was such an unkown.  I had been to Europe before, so had I gone to someplace like that it would have been a little bit easier, but it was such an incredible unknown that I was really nervous.  We stopped in Vienna with all the students going to Austria.

As we were landing, the international airport, which says it’s in Amman, is actually outside of Amman in the middle of nowhere, literally.  As we were landing I was looking out the window and all we could see for miles was desert.  We couldn’t see buildings, we couldn’t see any trees, we couldn’t see any civilization whatsoever, we couldn’t see the airport.   All we could see was just desert.  We were like, oh my gosh, where are we going, what did we get ourselves into?  Finally after we landed then we realized that the airport was just way far away from the city, but that was pretty scary.  I really thought, oh my gosh I’m going to be living in a tent.  I was really scared at one point there.  OK, maybe I got myself into too much change here.

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