National Flag of Belgium

The best 10 days of my life!

  • Name: Linda Pinewski Johnson
  • Destination: Zwijndrecht, Belgium
  • When: Year, 1968-69
  • Hometown: Anoka, Minnesota

  I was on the last ship to ever sail to Europe, the SS Waterman, and we left July 20th, 1968. We had 10 days on the ship – 900 students – everyone was going home to their different countries except 26 of us.  Twenty three went to Belgium and three went to Finland.  It […]

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Salaam aleikum

  • Name: David Denny
  • Destination: Kabul, Afghanistan
  • When: Summer, 1970
  • Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

  A recent anecdote: I was dissolved in tears at the end of “The Kite Runner.” My friend Tessa and I were probably the last ones out of the theater in Denver.  Some folks were still milling around in the lobby as Tessa went to the bathroom. The Kite Runner. First paperback edition book cover […]

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Impact of Exchange Programs #6

Create and engage leaders     Exchange program alumni include: 364 current or former heads of foreign governments, including countries key to U.S. national security, including Brazil, China, Russia, and Turkey. 46 members of 113th U.S. Congress 55 Nobel Prize winners 80 Pulitzer Prize winners   Learn more at: #exchangesimpact

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flag of italy

Looks like a flower pot

  • Name: Marti Eggers
  • Destination: Fermo, Italy
  • When: Semester, 1961
  • Hometown: Syracuse, New York

  We had a 4-5 day orientation in Milan staying with families and that was the first time we had seen a  bidet and I didn’t know what it was. I went in the bathroom and here’s a pot of green beans in water sitting in the bidet with water swirling around and I thought […]

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Impact of Exchange Programs #5

  Foster volunteerism and social change      1.6 million hours of community service by exchange participants and U.S. hosts3     Learn more at: Twitter: #exchangesimpact 3 State Department exchange evaluations: Related articles Peace Corps Celebrates Global Volunteerism on International Volunteer Day

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flag of South Africa

Get the Globe!

  • Name: Nancy Falletta
  • Destination: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • When: 1978
  • Hometown: East Aurora, New York

    I just had an interest in international travel.  It was totally self motivated.  I always thought that it was nice that these foreign students could come here.  It sounded like a wonderful opportunity. I grew up in a town where AFS was quite active.  They hosted several students a year and had a […]

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