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National Flag of Norway

Viking initiation ceremony

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Egil and his friends arranged, without me being aware of it ahead of time, to initiate me as a Viking.  This was done as an after school function, like a dance or something at the school one evening.

Midway through it, they interrupted the activities and he and a couple of his buddies came out with some fur costume things, almost caveman-like, helmets with horns and things.  They were speaking in gobble-Norse, old Norwegian, and announcing this ceremony, so of course I had to repeat after them certain things.

And the final stage of the initiation they gave me a half skull, the top half of a skull filled with home-brewed beer, and I was supposed to drink this down in one fell swoop.  I did my best–I didn’t quite get it all down in one gulp–and finished it in a second one.

Then I was officially a Viking, and I can tell you I was in no pain the rest of that evening!