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Americans Bullshit a Lot

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Oh, they ask the same questions like — it still shocks me, but I try to get over it — “Do Americans have silverware?”  And I heard that from my German mother, and she’s a very intelligent woman.  She’d never been in the United States, and it was kind of like, “Where did you come up with that concept?”   I don’t know, I don’t know.


I told this girl one time that Germans — and here I’m making a stereotype — they typically don’t bullshit a lot.


They don’t understand just pulling someone’s leg.  And so Tanya, the girl that I really got along with, asked me at school, with her little group of friends, she asked me, “What was the biggest difference between the United States and Germany?”


English: Pleiades Star Cluster

English: Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And I said, “Well, actually the biggest difference would kind of surprise you.  Over here in Germany, if you look up at night, do you see stars?  And she said “Yeah.”  I said, “Well, in Florida there are no stars.”  And she looked at me and she goes, “What do you mean there’s no stars?”   I said, “Well, we’re so far down on the Earth, the planet, we’re down like near the equator, that there’s no stars that low.  All the stars are above you.  That’s why when you look up you see stars.”


But it was like, for her, why would anyone lie?  And I found that to be a very common factor in Germany, that, yeah, you sit there, and you could bullshit all you want, and they’ll look at you like it’s the gospel truth.


They just don’t understand, you know, that Americans really bullshit a lot.