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I bought a monkey

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The only place they took me was to Iquitos.  We went on a family vacation and had a great time.  We stayed in these bungalows, and we went through the jungles.  We went for a week.  And I bought a monkey.

Steve: You bought a monkey?

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Stacy: Yeah. Don’t ask me. I was quite a little adventure for them, wasn’t I?  I bought a monkey while we were there, and I come to find out many years later it really wasn’t a monkey.  But they sold it to me as a monkey.  It looked like a monkey.  But all it did was screech and hold onto your head.

Anyway, I ended up selling it that week because the thing was weird.  It wasn’t like a chimpanzee or that kind of fun-type of monkey.  I mean this thing just screeched and held onto your hair.  I paid like ten bucks for it and I sold it and he actually became a famous little monkey.  I think he worked for one of the banks in a commercial.

Steve:  So was it a monkey in the end?

No.  I mean, well, when I went to the zoos here many years later it was some type of…it was a family of a monkey, some type of mammal.  But it wasn’t like a monkey monkey. It wasn’t a monkey.  I know that it wasn’t a monkey ’cause if I saw it again I would know what it was, but it wasn’t what we thought were monkeys.