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Flag of Japan

This place is different, and therefore, so cool!



From the jet lag and with the time difference, I was wide awake very early in the morning.  Couldn’t wait to get out and explore my new world.  The house, the neighborhood, and what was around the corner, on the horizon?

I was excited as my surroundings were completely different to what I had known until then.  One of the things that left an impression initially was the difference in the size and design of the homes, the look and feel of the town, and the shopping experience.  Especially supermarkets.

Japan has some very bizarre things that would seem weird by American standards.  A friend and I nicknamed them “bugs and tentacles”.  There are literally octopus parts packaged in those flimsy white Styrofoam plates in clear plastic wrap like we have with hamburger and steaks.  And whole fish packaged the same.



Who in their right mind would buy a salmon as it looks when a bear drags it out of the river, guts, eyes, and head intact?

(Note: now when I visit the States, though, I am appalled by all the disgusting crap that Americans eat, all that processed and junk food.  YUCK.  No wonder obesity is a serious issue.)

My first impression?  Wow!  This is place is different, and therefore, so cool!

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