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We smelled to high hell

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So tell me about your last week there?

That was fun.  It was mostly last-minute celebrations.  School had let out by then, and I had some girlfriends that I was really close to.  Each of those groups threw me a little party.  The one group of friends that we had–we would always cook together– so they gave me a cookbook.  Don’t ask me why, but they signed my leg, lots and lots of writing all over my leg, like a cast but obviously no cast.

Bahnhof Steinebach

image of Bahnhof Steinebach by thomas mies (Flickr)

Another friend of mine, we had a nice Saturday afternoon and we all got together and we actually painted her room.  She gave us artistic license so we could put whatever we wanted on the wall.  We each had a little portion of wall canvas and put our own thing up there and it was kind of a fun thing.

Two nights before I left, they had a party.  Steinebach is a real small town on a lake, and we all got together late in the evening and had a little fire by the lake.  They dared me to jump in and we all jumped in the lake and it was dark and scary.  We were covered with smoke and soot and everything else.

We got out of the water and we’re having our sausages over the fire and drinking our wine or whatever.

At the end of the night, a very long evening, we decided it was time to head back home.   We we got on our bikes–me and Helena and another friend of ours–and we’re riding our bikes back to the house.  It’s pretty late, and we pass an orange Mercedes, which is the same car as my host parents drove, and the car slowed down…and we slowed down…because we thought it was my host parents.

We looked into the car and it was these two men, and we flipped out.  We got so scared and we started to ride our bikes really really fast away, and they did kind of a u-turn, and kind of were following after us, and of course that just sent us into a huge panic.  We saw a farm house and we jumped off our bikes and ran through the yard.  Of course it was pitch black outside, and there’s a huge pile, like a little hill in the yard, and so we run smack into this hill and climb over it, and we get to the door and we’re like, there’s a car chasing us, help, help us!

I can’t even imagine what we looked like!  We were covered in soot, we had been in the lake, and what we had run through was a pile of manure!

Manure. Czech countryside

Image via Wikipedia – not the real pile of manure!

This is a rural little town and the farmer was…you know, I can’t even imagine what his thoughts were.  There were these three young women, we smelled to high hell, and the look on his face, though, was priceless.  So we gave him the phone number of my host parents and he called them and they came and got us.

We went back the next day and got the bikes.  I remember when I walked into the bathroom my host mom was like, “Oh…my…god, you wreak!”  We had been sweating.  “Please don’t take a shower yet, you’re gonna get a cold, and your mother is going to think that I didn’t take good care of you while you were here.”

And I was like, I have to take a shower, and I jumped into the shower and got all clean.  I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, oh my god, I cannot imagine what those people thought of us as we were banging on the door.  Of course I did catch a cold and she would not let up about that.  She was like I told you…  So that was the culminating event.

It was certainly memorable!