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Flag of Afghanistan

John Kennedy, good man, Peace Corps

Logo of the United States Peace Corps.

Logo of the United States Peace Corps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They loved their king.  He was respected and revered.  When the king went by, my brother and family were just honored they could see him.

That’s our king!

They knew nothing about our president in 1972.  The one president they did remember from the US was John Kennedy, and that was because he sent the Peace Corps over.  My father had named me Esmeri Jon, which meant Dear Lion, almost like you would say Papa-san, a term of endearment.  That was Jon in Farsi and Esmeri meant Lion.

He asked me what my name meant, and I figured here’s my chance to score a goal and I told him that Bob meant lion.

The few words that my father was able to say in English, he said “Esmeri Jon, John Kennedy, good man, Peace Corps.”

That was another life lesson I learned, that when you offer people it would pay dividends years later.  I considered a career in international relations when I came back.