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flag of Sweden

a taste of Swedish food


Lots of fish — and I’m not a fish person but I ate fish. 

That’s where I learned to love yogurt.  And Swedish yogurt is much better than anything here in America.  Lingonberry sauce was really good.

They made some kind of sturgeon, and then my Swedish mother put mashed potatoes in the sturgeon and out the front and it browned on the top of it, and that was excellent.  I loved it.  Over there the ice cream is better, I believe.

French fries were a treat but I got them and I’d buy myself a big bottle of Coca-Cola once a week, and they didn’t like Coca-Cola.  That’s nasty stuff.  That was nasty stuff, but I could have it!

I learned to love Swedish apple pop — Pommac,  P-o-m-m-a-c.  And I sure wish I could find some ’cause that was good.  That was excellent.  I have had it once since I came home about ten years ago, and I haven’t been able to find it since.

They had another dish that was really good.  It was like hash called Pyttipanna diced roast beef and diced potatoes and I believe there was egg put into it.  And that was real good.  I liked that.  I wanted to have that quite often.

And there was a very fragrant sausage that was excellent too, and I don’t remember what kind.  But it was good with peanut butter and flat bread.  And they thought I was nuts ’cause I put peanut butter and sausage together but it was excellent.  It was good stuff.  Nice soft flat bread and smooth peanut butter on it and put this great sausage on the top of it.

Dang, that was like heaven!  It was wonderful!

I made a macaroni salad once.  And everybody liked it but my father.  He is not a fan of macaronis.  “I do not like macaronis but I will eat this because you made it.”

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