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Host Father Executed in Iranian Revolution

My father was a very independent intellectual.  I was at Yale as an undergrad.  I became friendly with a kid from Tehran whose father was in the Air Force.

In 1979 during  the revolution, there was a lot of tumult, chaos and anarchy, and factions were vying for control after the Shah left.  Constant change, purge the opponents, then another group comes in, imprisonment and executions.

The Shah with President Nixon

The Shah with President Nixon, Image via Wikipedia

In 1979 I learned that Father had been arrested by one of the groups that had been in power at the time.  I don’t know the charges that were brought against him, but clearly whoever was in power at the time didn’t like what he was saying.  He was very outspoken.

I remember he was critical of the Shah and not necessarily always supportive of the government at the time, an independent thinking person, and very tragically he was executed.  I learned about it—and I’ll never forget it–I was in law school at the time—I picked up The New York Times and they reported that he was executed.  I felt horrible.